Friday, 31 August 2012

Wanted!- Raining again

Maybe there is something in the fact that I write " my wanted list" when it is raining however that is not intentional. 
After all  I don't mind when it is raining-
besides when I am suppose to walk somewhere, let say "fancy", and my fair start to curl.
Putting the rain aide -  that's my list for new season

1.Turquoise heels !

I love heels and this color is simply stunning.

Do you also have the impression that almost all fall shoes are suede ?
They are (very) pretty  , but hey, you can only walk in them to the car and out.
It is raining at least for half of the fall in Poland so the shoes would be ruin in less than a month.
( I've checked that.)

2. BIG, BIG, VERY Big scarf

Nothing to add- I am in love.
It is pretty and will keep me warm.
Defiantly MUST have.

 3.  Necklace
I like the satin( let say it is satin) ribbon.
It plays for the whole outfit.

4.  Classic black dress

I like its shape and the bow.

This with turquoise heels- what you think?

5. Black- pink shirt

I am planning to do something like this  myself but will see how that is going to end up.
Wish me luck.

6.  " Love letters of Great Men" 

I read the Zappos book ( amazing one)  and few different once and that is my new goal.
Something totally different.
And YES, that is the one form "Sex and the City" movie - found on Amazon ;)

That would be it for now- keep looking.

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