Thursday, 28 February 2013

Warsaw calling!


Quick photo relation from my trip to Warsaw.

Most of the pictures were taken in Museum of Modern Art- which is not a typical museum. It is full of posters, books, exercise machines and people on roller skates.

Oh, and in case you wonder the last picture is no the work of mine- you can get those in Mr. Pancake -place you NEED to visit. It is a small restaurant ( max 5 tables) which serves American pancakes, real hamburgers, shakes, coke in GLASS bottles and all of the to the rhythm of the hip-hop.

 Hope next time I'm in Warsaw I will have more time to explore.


Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentine's day request

Dear Mr./Madame,

There is this one day in a year- one day to reminds us of people we care about, of miracles that do happen, of the little magic, called love.
Maybe it is not the most important day in a year and maybe one-third of the world population won't even notice it.
However I believe that every ocasion to tell someone you love them is the best one.

So, do not waste time, stop wondering "what if ?"
and " is it right?"
For one moment, forget the whole world,
and think,
think of what you want and what you feel.

Today, it is the only thing that matters.

Happy Valentine's Day


Tuesday, 12 February 2013



I promised you this post long time ago and today finally is the time!
I have never been a huge fan of this kind of events however, I have to admit it was amazing night.
Lot of dancing, jumping, laughing and of course photos, what you will see in a moment.

To be honest, I promised myself that for my prom, I will buy a dress which is NOT black... it didn't work.
The minute I saw this beauty I knew it was it. Like a love at a first sight ( and yes, I do believe in that, especially if we're talking about clothes). Of course I couldn't buy it the first time I visited the shop- it would be to easy. I had to go back home and spend whole night thinking of how it reminds me of the breakfast at tiffany's ( which is my favourite movie) and how good will it look with long gloves and big necklace. The next day I went back and bought it- oh, and I've got 20% discount. So, I think it was just meant to be.

Here you have few pictures of the "behind the scene" and prom itself.

And I have to run, I am going to see the " Les Miserables"


Monday, 4 February 2013

Lisa Eldridge


Sorry for this break. I am preparing something special for you guys- can't wait to share it with you

However now, I would like to recommend you Lisa Eldridge's videos on
I discovered them about month ago and I am in love.

Lisa is a make-up artist with over 20 years of experience, She collaborated with brands like: Chloe, Alberta Ferretti, Prada, Donna Karan, Moschino and PPQ." Her online make-up tutorials, and her role as resident on-screen beauty expert for three seasons of Channel 4’s successful series ‘Ten Years Younger, Lisa has become one of the most recognised faces in the beauty industry, both in the UK and internationally." *

Her video "Audrey Hepburn - Breakfast at Tiffany's Inspired Make-up" helped me prepare for my prom
( I will post some photos from the event as soon as I get them) Honestly I don't think I would place fake lashes properly without "lisa's help".

So here you have video I have mentioned and some photos of Lisa's work
On her website and youtube account you may found some more make-up tutorials.



                                                              And here you have Lisa herself ;)