Wednesday, 5 June 2013

What is soo “cool” about fashion blogs?

As I was trying to find some materials for this post,
I came across a text in Italian Vogue which has been created
2 years ago and covered same topic 
(link to the article ). 

What did surprise me at first was the approach of the author, 
who called fashion blogging-
a viral cold. An epidemic

And then I wondered, maybe it is a kind of an epidemic.
It spreads quickly all around the world, infecting new territories. 
Effects of this disease are still hard to define, although surprisingly, many are positive. 
Can epidemic have positive effects?

Going further, all epidemics end at some point. Does it mean that fashion blogging is just a temporary thing?
Who are bloggers?
And what is their role?

In my opinion fashion blogging is an answer to what people demanded.
As the internet gains in power, information becomes widely available, distances shrink and new connections tie. 
This trend could not have omitted fashion industry.

Before, we had amazing, glittering, perfect world of fashion which in some way, for most of us was out of touch. 
We might not fit the size criteria, do not have enough money, or our taste differed from what was shown in colored magazines,
all of that automatically closed the door for us.

What fashion blogs did, was they shortened the distance between 90%
of population and the untouchable shining world.
They used internet to show that each and every one of us
can be a “fashionista”.
That fashion is supposed to be fun.
And that is not about how wealthy you are or what body type you have.
Bloggers make fashion for people.

As for what I think on the subject of the blogging as an epidemic- 
I would not call it that way. I would say it is a trend. 
As every trend it has its ups and downs, and probably as every trend
in some point will lose some of its popularity. 
In the end only the best of the best stays on the stage. 
Looking at the role which this phenomenon plays, I would not worry about its disappearance. 
For sure, it will evolve and I am very curious which way it will go. 


  1. Found this through the Italian vogue post. Nice response to that!

    I agree that fashion is fun. Fashion is an artistic expression. Who says I should not share my joys?


    1. I am really happy that you took time and read my response to the text ;)

      I think that blogs all together gave people more power in some way.
      Power to express ourselves and share our opinions.
      And fashion is something that, if we want it or not, is a part of our life.
      So why not use it- embrace who we are and what we want to say.

  2. I agree with you. Not everyone has access to important fashion brands or can afford them. Fashion bloggers bring you the real thing about fashion.

    Keep going girl!

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  4. I couldn't agree more. I, too, found you through the Italian Vogue article, which I found through Preshopp.

    The article was infuriating. I tried to keep an open mind while reading it, but the author's elitist attitude was sickening. You said it best when you said that bloggers make fashion for people. Thank you for responding to that article. You did a great job.

    -Nathy @ Earnestyle