Saturday, 15 June 2013

Magic of Youtube

Hi Guys!

This time I would like to share with you few of my new discoveries, or maybe one in general.

I am.

I think first no-music channel which I subscribed was
Simply it is " a fun talk show featuring interviews
with some of the biggest names in business and technology." 

At first I found it a little bit annoying due to all the pink 
and overexcitement, but you have to admit
Jesse Draper have really interesting guests.

Here you have a video of my favourite interview,
the one with Jessia Alba, and yes, she also is
an enterprenuer, furtheremore she owns 
pretty amazing company called "The Honest Company". 
If you would like to know more- check out the video.

  Next one is more fashion related 
  (actually the first time I came across it was at Valley Girl). 
  Check in the mirror is a channel dedicated to beauty
  Before starting her own blogging career.
  Rachel Talbott was a skincare specialist,
  I think that is what makes her beauty tips reliable.

  Here you have a sample of Rachel telling about skincare routine.

Talking about skin, I also love Lisa Eldridge channel. 
I already wrote about Lisa here
She is outstanding makeup artist.
This is one of mine favourite looks she made.

Going into fashion

Two magazines I follow on YT are Harper's Bazaar and Vogue
What you can find there are interviews, backstage videos and updates on fashion events.

 If you are interested what is happening inside of the fashion world, 
 Grance Dore's Channel is what you are looking for.
 What her channel is about can be best described by Grance's own words:

 "It gives me the opportunity to bring you even closer into the whirlwind of  fashion, into the conversations, the laughter, and the intimacy that makes  this blog what it is."

 Here you have one episode of "Pardon My French" by Grance Dore.

If you are looking for a fashion vloger I would recommend you Chriselle Lim.
"Starting off her career as a fashion wardrobe stylist, she logged in years of editorial shoots
with prominent fashion books.". Now, Christelle is "Personal-style blogger and Youtube star".
On her channel you can find plenty of ideas and advices.

Last but not least, Kym Perfetto and her channel KymNonStop
Kym is "bike messenger-turned-fitness guru. Among her students you’ll find
Lady Gaga, Madonna, Charlize Theron, Jake Gyllenhaal and Colin Farrell."
What you can find on her Youtube channel?

Hope you found something for yourself.


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