Thursday, 27 June 2013

#3 A'la instagram

Hi Guys!

This was a busy time.
I had a chance to visit few fashion events, yesterday had my first outfit photoshoot( comming soon!)
In the meantime started a new blog, to keep things organized.
Still working on my html/css skills, practicing French and attending two online law courses.
And trying to catch up with my family and friends.
As you see, lots going on.

Have a great time,

Visit in DesignPark

Having fun at the store

Working on a blog

My idea of ​​taming maxi skirts and pastel

While waiting for my coffee

Color blocking -light version

First pair of shoes bought online

Before my first photoshoot for a blog-the "Are we really doing this?" moment

My new discovery- vintage shop in GdaƄsk

Fashion fair Bakalie

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