Saturday, 22 June 2013

Fashion in words- New Generation of models

History in a nutshell

First they were anonymous, badly paid and had no perspectives. The job was just to present clothes. After a while, when first modeling agencies were established the situation got little better. What may be interesting, in those times models were expected to have their hair and make-up done before they come to the shoot. In 1968 Glamour magazine published an article where it called 19 girls a "supermodel". By the 1980, modeling became full-time job and agencies became working globally.

From slim ,to sleek body, to 0 sized girls

What is next in modeling?

Attitude. Nowadays, it is not enough to be slim and tall to get your way in modeling. Top models need to inspire and have their own opinion. They can not be transparent. Facebook and Twitter gave models a voice and what follows way to express themselves. Plus, models who are popular on social media can bring new audience to the brand which cooperate with a girl. Best example can be Coco Rocha, whose Twitter account have more than 500,000 followers.

How can social media help a model?

It can be easily described by words of a designer, Zac Posen:
“I’m not interested in a new girl every season,” said the designer Zac Posen, who has booked Ms. Rocha for his runways for the last six years. “I’d rather have a girl like Coco who’s not just a hanger but a brand all by herself. In a time when the industry doesn’t promote models having voices, she’s really broken the mold.”

So, what is the formula for a super mode today?

I think that what did change in the industry is that in some way it became more accessible. With a development of global agencies and more affordable travels, more girls have a chance to become a professional model. What it caused is increased competition. Even though we might have greater access to this world, it is extremely hard to actually break in. It is not enough to have nice body. Nowadays you need to have your own opinion and say it out loud. I think that models stopped being "just models" now, they are more of the brand themselves. They have to represent something more than just a pretty face. The image of a "stupid girl, who can't get a regular job, so she does modeling" is fighting away. Now, to get to the top you need to be unique and what's more- know something more than just modeling.

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