Monday, 20 May 2013

What is fashion actually?

What is fashion actually?

Is it in Chanel Little Black dress?
Or maybe is it what we see on the streets every day?
Maybe fashion is in the creative smile of a designer?
Or on fashion blogs?
Is it what we wear or what we see in colored magazines?
What is fashion?

I think that fashion is a very personal thing.
It is the expression of who we are, what we feel and how we want to be seen.
It is serious and not at the same time.
It is because it has the power to make us feel better.
It is not because it is supposed to be fun.

I once heard that fashion is a form of a usable art,
I could not have explained it better.
It plays with colors as paintings do,
Has fun with textures as sculptures,
Experiments with construction and size as architecture,
We use it daily as household items.

Fashion is whatever you want it to be.
You can live fashion or not pay any attention to it at all.
However, you will not change the fact that you are connected with it.
It is, it was and it will be.
It is just fashion.

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