Friday, 31 May 2013

Art of packing

With dedication to my friend Ewa,

Summer time is here!

Do you know what it means?
For most of us it is time of travels.
However, before we go there is one thing we have to do - pack…

I know, I know, it is not your favorite thing to do.
We can go through that together.
Just say with me “ We are going only for three days, so we can pack in just ONE bag, ONE!”
Ok, now the start.

Firstly, all the “must have”, tooth brush , tooth paste, pyjamas, towel, shower gel etc.
Now, the fun part!
Let’s agree that minimalism is in fashion.
With that being said- take the basics
-          Jeans
-          Black Shorts
-          Dress
-          White and colored t-shirts
-          Shirt
-          Cardigan
-          Jacket

That’s all

Be true to yourself, , for sure you will buy something in the place of destination.
Pick some jewelry  to make your outfit more fun.

And last but not least,
There are no  rules here.
Take anything you can squeeze into the bag.
But, remember- if you’re going to Bahamas there is no chance you will wear Emu’s.

And we are done!

I told you we would.

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