Saturday, 13 July 2013

Fashion is about making a statement

Inspired by Elle interview with Marc Jacobs

Today I want to start a propaganda.
Propaganda which states that 
"Fashion is a tool- a tool to make a statement".

You might take it metaphorically or just as it is.

You may hide under thousands of layers and pretend to be someone else,

or you may "shout" some slogan using a T-shirt.
You may let people know how colorful is your personality
by creating unforgettable look 
or wear black suit to show your boss that you are mature 
and reliable person.
It is your choice.
Either way- you make a statement.

Even if you do not care what hangs in your closet-
you still express something with that.
Simply, that you don't care or as some may say 
"you have more important things on your mind".

Fashion is a tool to make a statement.

Use it.

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  1. Bardzo fajny blog, chyba będę tu wpadała częściej. Chcesz abyśmy wzajemnie się obserwowały ?