Monday, 8 July 2013

Oh, Haute Couture

Oh I love Haute Couture...

For me it is like true art. 
It's a chance for a desiger to let his imagination free. 
To show his real creative potential.
Each piece is special, each carries its own history.
But in the same time it is not simply about a clothing.
It is about how it makes you feel.
That is what's truly amazing about Haute Couture,
It is not just everyday dress,
those pieces are designed to be special
to make YOU feel "one and only".

Here are some shows that I find extraordinary

First Armani

I felt like in a dream.
I had to check twice am I really watching fall/winter collection.
It is light, bright and shiny. In some way it is like watching snowflakes dancing in the wind.

Elie Saab

I am huge fan of this designer. For me he is one of those men who truly understands women.
Master of emphasizing the strengths of female figure, with those V-necklines and narrow stripes on the waist.
His shiny materials are light and delicate, making you feel like modern princess.


What a show... 
It is not presentation of a clothing, it is a travel to the mind of a designer.
The play with textures and shapes,
the performance of royal greys 
and it's all in the spirit of Chanel.

Which shows did you enjoyed the most?

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