Saturday, 27 July 2013


Some time ago my friend asked me what’s with women and heels.
In my opinion same as with women and all accessories.
It is not that they are pretty, which they are.
It is not directly about how we look with/in them.
It is not that they are often cheaper than the new dress.
It is simple as that-
They always fit you.
You may have a bad day,
gain 5 pounds
or get fired and still,
they fit you.
They have all the advantages as the new pair of pants or visit to a hairdresser:
They make you feel better about yourself.
Plus, your foot size does not change(excluding extreme situations)
Jewelry can’t be eaten by moths,
And if you decide that you don’t like new bag it is ten times easier to sell it online.
All in all, women love accessories.

p.s. To men- if you have no idea what to buy your woman go with some classic jewelry. 

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