Friday, 14 December 2012



This time I would like to tell you something about me
For about a year now, I am a member of a Association of Alumni Gdynia Business Week
It is an association which gathers graduates of Business Week program in Poland.
Personaly, I graduated from GdaƄsk Business Week two years ago, and this summer I did internship on two BW programs.

During this two years I have met some truly amazing people who taught me a lot
We learn from one another, host meetings with represenatives of companies like Microsoft, Fido Intelligence, Speednet, and have a good time together.

Recently, we have finished public presentation contest, in which  I had a pleasure to be a judge.
From over forty candidates we have chosen 1 winner who will go to Washington BW
The results will be announced tomorrow, but I can say that winning presentation was my favourite one.

So, here you have some pictures from our contest
( and two cards which I prepared for finalist)

Hope you'll like it !


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