Thursday, 8 August 2013

Don't dress for someone else

I can't count how many times I heard the question "For whom are you dressing up so fancy?"
That made me wonder-
Are we really dressing up for the special someone 
or to "meet the needs of the society"?

Maybe in some way,
but most of all we are dressing up for ourselves.
Even if, in first place we want to impress the man we are dating
or get the job which would pay our bills
In the end it is all about us.

How come?
Cause that man makes us feel better about ourselves
and this job will provide us with an opportunity 
to keep or raise the starnard of our life
(or not to lose all our money on the next sale).

We might come to the conclusion that, in fact we are very egoistic creatures.
But don't worry, in those subconscious, self-centered actions we often do good.
Again, cause doing something good makes us feel better.

So the next time you go to your closet
and wonder what to wear to this or that occasion,
try to change your thinking a little bit.

"What to wear to make you feel better?"

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