Tuesday, 24 September 2013

New in the city

Moving to the new city does not particularly looks like
living the life of Carrie Bradshow 
(even if your new one room apartment has a closet).
At first there is a big problem with 
“What to take?” 
and “ How on earth am I going to fit all of my stuff in those bags?!”
(which from my experience may involve a lot of
additional exercises like sitting and jumping on your luggage).

When that part is over and you already got to your new place of residence
you need to unpack and the story reverses. 
Which makes you wonder:
“How on earth am I going to fit all my stuff in this closet?!”
(If you ask me, that is not the matter of how big the closet is . 
It is a mystery that there is never enough place for your clothes).

If you are planning to live by yourself be ready for the following:
-midnight fears of someone breaking into your house and killing you,
- fights with yourself over  washing each single plate after using it,
hence having a clean kitchen or being more economic
and less harsh on your skin and wait till you have more dishes to wash.
Oh, there are also:
 -spider visits,
-uncomfortable silence,
And inevitable grocery shopping which needs to be done  at some point. 
Even if there is less than few degrees outside and raining.

But above all, moving to the new city is starting all over again. 
Making a space for yourself, meeting new people, finding inspiring places and making it happen on your own.



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