Monday, 28 October 2013

Buy, Buy, Baby..

Sale- the magic word that brings us goose-fleshes.
In a second it takes our brain to its greatest performance.
Our creative skills are unbelievable, we can think of thousands of excuses.
Starting from "I needed it any way" (the typical one) to "It's like it is for free".

Sales, can be like smokescreens, they won't force you to do anything
but they will make it harder to see realistically.

Paradoxically it is our sense of savings that tricks us.
Words like "half off" or "Two for one", can be great if you are buying socks or white t-shirts,
but how many winter coats or wellingtons can one person have?

But those words work like triggers.
They turn on the "saving" function in our brains.
We become more eager to buy because it works on a different level,
 he "savings=less spending in the future" level. 
However, it doesn't work like that every time.

The "two for one" is my favorite. You can often see similar ones in cinemas buying popcorn 
" If you just pay 20 more cents you will get an extra large popcorn"-COOL!
Now, think how many times walking out of  the movie you had to throw out
approximately 1/3 of your "money saving" food?
The truth is that when you are paying (only) 20 cents more,
the cost of production of that extra popcorn is considerably low 
(looking at the fact that in groceries you can find bag of popcorn for $1.00) 
and the company is more than happy to get those few pens from you.

Different mechanism of sales is that they convince you to come to the store 
(never know, maybe you will find something that you need). 
But when you do it, the chances that you will buy something gets higher. 
It's like those chewing gums next to the counters, "If I am here why not".

So maybe next time you enter shopping mall or 
take a look at your favorite online shop and see the "SALE" banner, you will think twice.



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