Saturday, 16 March 2013

The mystery of a woman’s purse

There is an unknown land, which only the brave ones have the courage to enter. The world of plenty, which is covered by mystery so great that no one really knows what to expect.

When you decide to explore it, you will probably end up with thousands of things you have never thought you would need or want, for that matter.
However, finding  there a particular item is almost impossible.

This paradoxical place holds secrets and stories of sleepless nights, busy mornings, rainy days, and sunny afternoons.

The strangest thing is that it is the most faithful female companion.
The one that she can always counts on.
The one who neither revels her secrets, nor disappoints her.
The one who always has everything she needs.
The one who is always by her side.
Her attribute,
Her rescuer,
Her best friend,
Her Purse. 

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