Sunday, 14 April 2013

Let’s have a Party!

There comes a time when some circumstances, like your own birthday, force you to organize so-called “Party”.

Of course, the decision-making process takes at least 4 days (take your time; it is for sure one of the most important decisions in your life). After considering all pros and cons, comes the fearless thought:

“Why not?”

By this time, you have two days till the date you were pondering on. This means that about one fourth of your friends won’t be able to come. Furthermore, to discourage those who still can, you come up with a crazy idea to make it a theme party!

The decision of which theme to choose can be quickly made by looking into your closet- remember you have two days, not time for whining.

When this part is over, it is time to invite your friends. That’s the hard one.
You need to make sure you eliminate any probable sources of trouble or danger- which could not be a problem if you would have thought of that while selecting your friends.

How about the menu?
The problem is you are having a theme party, hence all the meals should go with it.
After long hours of thinking what to do you start to regret that you are not doing a “track suit” party, so you could simply serve your guests some pizza and cold bear (grrr… even though just thinking of this idea makes you sick).

Finally! The time has come.

Everything is ready (with just a small delay…), all of the guests showed up (all if you take into account the error of -2) and everyone is having a great time.


Almost everyone - you are the one worrying about the food, music, noise, neighbors (which you get totally crazy about after a visit of a strange man, who comes to ask whether you need anything because he is going to do some shopping <worth to mention it is around midnight>, and he thinks that your party is too quiet, so he could get you something).

Then there comes a thought-

Never again!

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