Thursday, 25 April 2013

What it is about woman’s closet?

What it is about woman’s closet that no matter how big it is-  it is always too small?

It’s like trying to fit whole world into one piece of furniture.

Thousands of dresses, millions of t-shirts,
Hundreds pairs of jeans….
Whole palette of

However, somehow when the time comes...
There is nothing to wear! 

My theory is that deep, deep inside my closet there is forgotten land where all the goblins live.
Their favorite things to do is to make a mess on the shelves and stains on my whites.
They just love to see the anger on my face when I am in a hurry and can’t find the right thing to wear.
They find joy in my surprise when I find a jacket behind my bed,
and I could promise that I have put it back on the peg.

Someday I will catch them,
And make them promise to move to someone else’s wardrobe.

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