Sunday, 8 December 2013

Let's skip!

Is December a good time to start working out?
Any time is good, only now you may have a better motivation as we approach the happy time 
of Christmas and New Year parties.
You can be amazed how much you can do in a month (little less than a month).
If you want to burn some calories cardio may be something for you.
What is it?
A physical activity of relatively low intensity (ap. 60%-85% of your heart rate depending on your physical condition)
What can it be? 

Here you have some ideas:

My cardio is totally based on a skipping rope. (You may also use it in your interval trainings.)

And I know most of you associate skipping rope with carefree childhood time 
but believe me after just a few minutes you will change your mind.

In few words:

So how can you work with your skipping rope?
Here are some ideas.

But remember to always match the pace of exercise with your potential.

Oh, and don't forget to stretch after your workout.

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